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Music Overviews by Year Group

What do we want our children to experience in Music and why is this important?

Music is an integral part of life at Ormesby Primary School and is a vehicle for achieving our mission statements ‘Making a Difference’ and ‘Learning Together for Life’. We intend to deliver a Music curriculum that is exciting, enjoyable and challenging for our pupils. Our children develop skills of arrangement, performance and evaluation throughout their time at Ormesby Primary School and they are exposed to many genres of music in the school environment. They are encouraged to view themselves as performers from the earliest age in our EYFS setting and continue to develop layers of knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence until they leave us in Year 6. We utilise Tees Valley Music Service to enhance our Music curriculum and dedicate a significant proportion of our school budget to offering exciting opportunities and memorable experiences. Ormesby Primary School’s mission is to remove socioeconomic barriers, allowing all pupils to experience a variety of instruments and work with Music specialists. This develops children’s confidence and skills, as well as nurturing their individual talents. Our school family are committed to instilling self-belief in our pupils, equipping them with the skills to take part in performances and offering opportunities for collaboration with others, particularly within our Ironstone Academy Trust community. Performing at prestigious venues and in public places is an exciting element of our school’s Music curriculum. The experiences we offer allow potential career paths in Music to be considered achievable possibilities for Ormesby’s young people.   

How do we teach Music at Ormesby Primary School?

Music is taught using a variety of stimuli to capture children’s interests, developing an understanding and appreciation of a range of musical styles. We work closely with Tees Valley Music Service and have adopted the Charanga Music Scheme across the school, which allows key skills to be developed through a range of genres that pique children’s interest, such as rap, rock, pop and reggae. Teacher’s plan and deliver sequences of lessons to develop children’s skills in the five key areas: listening, appraisal, replication, composition and improvisation. In the EYFS and Key Stage 1, children work practically with their voices and develop confidence in playing a range of untuned percussion instruments. In Key Stage 2, children progress to exploring stringed instruments, such as the ukulele and guitar alongside a range of other percussion instruments. Children learn how to interpret musical notation and respond to this whilst playing. Taking part in performances with their peers helps children step out of their comfort zones and increases their self- belief. Teachers track children’s progress against the National Curriculum objectives for Music. This information helps teachers to plan for future learning and identify children who require support or further challenge.

Talented performers from our Ormesby Factor


Year 6

The Rock Factory!


Adding instruments for complexity!

What is the impact of teaching Music at Ormesby Primary School?

Music plays an incredibly important part in supporting children’s mental health and encourages true collaboration and positive relationships. Learning to negotiate, give constructive feedback and work with others harmoniously is a crucial life skill that children will develop through music lessons. During the recent lockdown, professional musicians have shown how, even in the most challenging circumstances, working together can create meaningful and memorable experiences. Music can be a real source of comfort, joy and celebration in life! We hope that our pupils take a love and appreciation of musical styles and knowledge of their historical and cultural significance with them when they leave us in Year 6. They will have built a knowledge base within the five key areas that could be the foundation for further study, as well as memorable experiences and skills for life. Children will develop their individual tastes and preferences as they mature and have the confidence to perform, share their gifts and express themselves.

Singing Celebration

A singing extravaganza at Eston Leisure Centre with other schools from the community.
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