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Foundation Stage

Welcome to Ormesby Primary’s ‘Foundation Stage’

This includes: Nursery who are our ‘Hedgehogs’ and the Reception classes who are ‘Owls’ and ‘Foxes’

What are you trying to do?

We believe that the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is crucial in securing solid foundations that children are going to continue to build upon. We aim for children who enter our EYFS to develop physically and verbally, to develop thinking skills and grow in confidence and social ability.

The children learn in a supportive, safe environment where risks can be made, where we learn through occasionally failing, and success is always celebrated. We want children to leave reception able to voice their own ideas, value the opinions of others and be able to listen and respond appropriately. By working in this way, this helps build resilience in our pupils and prepares them for moving on to Key Stage One.

It is our intent to work in partnership with parents to encourage confident, happy and independent learners. We want to give our children lots of opportunities, to enable them to recognise what is out there for them, locally, in the community and in the wider world. It is our intent to build upon their prior learning and experiences from home. Providing quality hands on learning through play, promoting positive attitudes and behaviour for all children.

How are you doing that?

The children learn through a combination of methods. They have plenty of time to explore, investigate and experiment through play situations. The equipment is carefully planned to provide opportunities for meaningful learning to occur. Adults then ‘play’ with the children. Our experience and knowledge allow us to extend learning, through modelling, questioning and observation, so that the children gain as much as possible from their play.

They practise their social and communication skills whilst playing alongside each other, learning to share equipment, communicate their thoughts and ideas and importantly, listen to other children’s contributions.

Through play they develop their physical fine motor control, this then allows for them to gain mastery with drawing, writing and cutting tools. In the outdoor area we offer space and equipment for them to develop their gross motor control through running, climbing, balancing and moving in all sorts of ways!

Within the indoor and outdoor provision, they work with adults in small groups, by themselves and in larger groups. This is when guided learning takes place, teaching the children the structured skills they will then develop through their play.

Children learn to sit still and become more focused for short periods of time. To listen and act upon instruction. To take learning and apply it to new situations and challenges. They are constantly encouraged to develop independent self-care and as they move through the Foundation Stage to independently apply their skills.

How do you know what they have learnt?

From the moment we first meet your child, staff begin to assess what their learning needs to cover. Although we plan for the whole class, we respond to individual needs. We do this through spending time with the children as described above. We observe them and plan teaching that meets their needs. As they acquire skills we then extend them into new learning.

As children move from Nursery to Reception (Hedgehogs to Owls or Foxes) information about their attainment and learning is passed on and built upon as the curriculum broadens.

There are two points of statutory assessment in the children’s Reception year (the school year when they turn five years old). Within their first six weeks, teachers check the children’s knowledge against the Reception Baseline. This information gives the government information on the children’s knowledge base as they start their full time educational journey. In June, they are then assessed again within the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile. This is a more in-depth assessment of an individual’s journey through the curriculum, and is reported to parents and sent up to Year One teachers.

In each school year there are three consultation evenings to have a chance to talk to staff about your child’s learning. However, we are available all year to discuss any concerns or enquiries you may have.

Foundation Stage children at Ormesby Primary have lots of fun, laugh and thoroughly enjoy their learning!

Can I find out more about the rooms and the learning?

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