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What does Computing look like at Ormesby Primary School?

Through our computing curriculum at Ormesby Primary School, we believe that our children have the right to the life-skills that will enable them to embrace and utilise new technology in a socially responsible and safe way in today’s digital world. We want our pupils to be able to operate in the 21st century safely, confidently and responsibly while becoming creative, independent users of computing technologies, gaining confidence and enjoyment from their activities. We want the use of technology to support learning across the entire curriculum and to ensure that our curriculum is accessible to every child.  Not only do we want them to be digitally literate and competent end-users of technology, but through our computing lessons we want them to develop creativity and problem-solving skills.  We want our pupils to have an understanding of themselves as individuals within their digital community, but also as members of a wider global digital community and as responsible digital citizens.

How do we teach Computing at Ormesby Primary School?

Computing skills are taught both discretely and cross-curricularly, supporting other areas of learning across the school. At Ormesby Primary School, Computing is taught through discreet lessons where appropriate across KS1 and KS2 and in Foundation Stage it is taught as part of the ‘Knowledge and Understanding of the World’ topic. Computing is taught following the National Curriculum of study across the primary age range and with the children following a set of milestones from the Inspire2Learn curriculum. The Computing curriculum is currently being reviewed with Years 1, 3 and 5 trialling in the Spring Term a scheme from the NCCE.  

E-Safety is valued highly at Ormesby Primary School with the topic being covered at least once a year appropriate to the age of the children, but can be revisited depending on the needs of the children.  

Milestone Targets

Foundation Stage
Key Stage 1
Lower KS2
Upper Key Stage 2

What is the Impact of Computing at Ormesby Primary School?

  • Children will have the skills to become confident users of technology, able to use it to accomplish a wide variety of goals, both at home and in school.
  • Children will have a secure and comprehensive knowledge of the implications of technology and digital systems to themselves and others through being as E-Safe as possible. This is important in a society where technologies and behaviours are constantly evolving.

Teachers track children’s progress against the National Curriculum objectives for Computing. This information helps teachers to plan for future learning and identify children who require support or further challenge

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