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Meet the Staff

General Staff

Staff Title Staff Name
Head Teacher
Miss T Clarvis
Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs N Spence
Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs M Loughran
School Business Manager
Mrs T Carr
School Office Staff
Mrs K Shaw & Mrs N Pemberton
Mr A O'Brien
Mrs N Croft
Lunchtime Supervisors
Mrs J Baker, Mrs K Rose, Mrs A Hill, Miss M McCulloch, Miss L Usher and Mrs V Wright
Mrs J Baker, Mrs L Hold, Mrs L Kelly, Mrs A Taylor and Mrs M McCulloch

Teaching Staff & Teaching Assistants

Year Group
Number of Children
Teaching Assistant
Morning Hedgehogs 39 Miss Kirby Mrs Andrews and Miss McGahern
Afternoon Hedgehogs 26 Miss Kirby Mrs Andrews and Miss McGahern
Owls 17 Mrs Spence Miss Beckett
Foxes 17 Miss Akerman Miss Smith
Year 1 (Sharks) 21 Mrs O'Connor and Mrs Noble Mrs Brown
Year 1 (Turtles) 24 Ms Tokarski Miss Murphy
Year 2 23 Miss McLean Mrs Waite
Year 2 22 Mr Griffiths Mrs Brooks
Year 3 18 Mr Watson Mrs Galloway
Year 3 21 Mrs Edditts Mrs Cook
Year 4 25 Mrs Loughran Mrs Sharkey
Year 4 25 Miss Montgomery-Smith Mr Ormandy
Year 5 23 Mrs Cornwell Mrs Hawkins  & Mrs Bell
Year 5 24 Mrs Ward and Mrs Beaumont Mrs Lawrence
Year 6 25 Mr Staples Mrs Stuart
Year 6 24 Mrs Taylor Mrs McArthur
Teachers providing PPA cover Mrs Mudd and Mrs Wilmot