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Register of Business Interests

 Govenor Other School Governorships Staff Member (Post) Related to member of staff (name) Business/Personal Interest Date of Declaration
        Details Staff Family/Member  
Daniela Casarano Nil     Nil Nil 07.11.16
Ann Grierson  Nil      Employed by RCBC  Self 23.01.18
Tracy Clarvis  Nil Head Teacher    Nil  Nil 15.11.17
Stephen Elliott Nil     Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountants Self 15.11.17
Raymond Scurr Nil  Teaching Assistant   Nil Nil 23.01.18
Patricia Anderson Nil     Nil Nil 15.11.17
Nicola Spence Nil Deputy Head Teacher   Nil Nil 15.11.17
Clare Brooks Nil Teaching Assistant   Nil Nil 15.11.17
Irene Nightingale Nil     Ormesby Ward Councillor Self 15.11.17
Daryl Brown Nil   Holly Brown Nil Nil Awaiting Response
Richard Carter Nil     H.R. Carter & Sons Farmer Sole Trader Self 15.11.17