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Ormesby Primary School

Meet the Staff

General Staff

Staff Title Staff Name

Head Teacher

Miss T Clarvis

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs N Spence

School Office Staff

Mrs T Carr & Mrs K Shaw


Mr A O’Brien

Early Help Worker

Mrs J Barnett


Mrs N Croft

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs L Hold, Mrs S Frankland, Mrs J Baker, Mrs G Glasper, Mrs A Mitchell, Mrs H Brown, Mrs K Rose, Mrs A Hill and Miss M McCulloch


Mrs J Baker, Mrs L Hold, Mrs L Kelly, Mrs A Taylor and Mrs A Mitchell


Teaching Staff & Teaching Assistants

Year Group

Number of Children


Teaching Assistant

Morning Hedgehogs 39 Mrs Tokarski Mrs Lackenby, Mrs Brunskill and Mrs James
Afternoon Hedgehogs 26 Mrs Tokarski Mrs Lackenby and Mrs James
Owls 24 Miss Burnett Miss Beckett
Foxes 25 Mrs McArthur Miss Akerman
Year 1 23 Mrs O’Connor and Mrs Noble Mrs Huckins
Year 1 23 Miss Kirby Mrs Brooks
Year 2 27 Miss McLean (Mrs Cornwell Mornings) Miss Murphy
Year 2 27 Miss Robinson (Mrs Cornwell Mornings) Mrs Waite
Year 3 22 Mis Tingle Mrs Stuart
Year 3 19 Mr Griffiths Mrs Hawkins
Year 4 28 Mrs Loughran (Mrs Bass and Mrs Brady Mornings) Mrs Armin
Year 4 28 Mrs Stogdale (Mrs Bass and Mrs Brady Mornings) Mr Ormandy
Year 5 24 Miss Chapman Mrs Galloway
Year 5 23 Mr Watson Mrs Bell
Year 6 21 Mrs Pennock (Mrs Ward Mornings) Mr Scurr
Year 6 22 Mrs Mudd (Mrs Ward Mornings) Mrs Lawrence
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